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The History Behind Wine Making In Australia

Australia has become a world leader in domestic and exported wine. What began as a few vineyard cuttings over 200 years ago has now flourished into an amazing industry – the fourth largest in the world! Australia exports over 450 million liters of wine each year across the globe

The Australian wine culture was crushed in the 1890’s by a plague of phylloxera. This is a situation like aphids that totally devastates all vegetation. Vineyards around the nation were devastated. The nation worked for a long time to modify their wine industry. It battled for quite a long time on sweet and fortified wines. But, in the late 1970’s creation was by and by up and running at world pioneer models.


A True World LeaderĀ 


The most well-known wine in Australia would need to be the Pinfolds Grange. This mind-blowing wine has won many rivalries as the years progressed. The 1955 vintage was permitted to age until 1962 preceding being submitted to rivalries. Since that time it has won more than 50 gold decorations.


The First CuttingsĀ 


Grapes are not local to Australia. The primary vineyard cuttings were brought into the nation when Australia still served as a corrective province. In 1788 Governor Phillips endeavoured to collect the grapes for individual utilize but his endeavours fizzled. Luckily, others succeeded where the representative fizzled. In the next years, Australia started to see a convergence of pioneers who started to endeavour to develop grapes utilizing new procedures. This is seen as the genuine start of Australia’s wine industry…


Across the Pond

One of the best known and oft related stories in wine history concerns an Australian wine. In 1873 at the Vienna Exposition judges tasted wine from different countries without knowing which country the wine was from. This is called a blind tasting. A French judge pronounced his favour upon an Australian wine but immediately withdrew in protest once he was made aware of the provenance of the wine. His reason? Only a French wine could be of such a high quality!

More settlers flooded into the country and found opportunities in the Australian wine culture. The first vineyards were mainly backyard operations but with the new manpower and fortunes of the recent arrivals, entirely new winemaking regions were identified, improving the country’s winemaking operations.

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